Types of Phobias | Names of Phobias

Today, i’m going to publish a health blog about very interesting topic. Fear is a common and everyone has fear of some people, places and situations. We can not come out from it and it deminishes the pleasure of our life. And it remains till the death. In this modern era, fear is also known as a phobia. Today, i will tell you about phobia’s normal concept along with its types. So lets know about it.

Types of Phobias | Names of Phobias

Fear is a common thing in this era. It is known as a phobia now. Phobia may be related to a particular place, situation, feeling, people, and so on. Under this situation, people can not focus on their personal, professional, and social life. And can not enjoy their life happily. They tried to come out of it but they fail all time even they can not cope with this type of situation. Here, whenever a person connects with a particular situation, the place from which they afraid; they got nervous, feel guilty, changed their expressions, and so on. Hence, people having phobias do not go to the place, connect with the situation from which they have fear.

For example :- a person having an acrophobia , do not go for climbing mountain, do not travel in aeroplane etc…

Here, i note down some common phobias name.

1. Acrophobia – fear of Heights

2. Aerophobia – fear of Flying

3. Amathophobia – fear of Dust

4. Arachnophobia – fear of Spiders

5. Astraphobia – fear of Lighting

6. Claustrophobia – fear of closed in space.

7. Emethobia – fear of Vomiting

8. Eruthophobia – fear of Blashing

9. Colitophobia or genophobia – fear of Sex

10. Hematophobia – fear of Blood

11. Ceraunophobia or tonitrophobia or brantophobia – fear of thunder and lighting

12. Microphobia – fear of small things

13. Automysophobia – fear of Dirt

14. Achluophobia or Scotophobia – fear of Dark

15. Enochlophobia or Demophobia – fear of Crowds

16. Ornithophobia – fear of Birds

17. Mathophobia – fear of Disease

18. Pteronophobia – fear of feathers

19. Pyrophobia – fear of fire

20. Triskaidekaphobia – fear of 13 (number 13)

21. Xenophobia – fear of Strangers

22. Zoophobia – fear of Animals

23. Acousticophobia – fear of noise

24. Agoraphobia – fear of being in open crowded places.

25. Ailurophobia – fear of Cats

26. Algophobia – fear of pain

27. Anglophobia – fear of english people & language

28. Apiphobia – fear of Bees

29. Aquaphobia or Hydrophobia – fear of water

30. Arithmophobia or Numerophobia – fear of numbers

31. Arrhenphobia or Androphobia or Hominophobia – fear of Men

32. Bibliomania – fear of reading books

33. Cucophobia – fear of ugliness

34. Carcinophobia – fear of cancer

35. Spectrophobia – fear of mirror

36. Chromophobia – fear of colors

37. Chronophobia – fear of future

38. Cynophobia – fear of dogs

39. Electrophobia – fear of electricity

40. Entomophobia – fear of bugs and insects

41. Gamophobia – fear of marriage or commitment

42. Glossophobia – fear of public speaking

43. Gynaecophobia – fear of women

44. Hamartophobia – fear of errors

45. Hippopolomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – fear of long words

46. Iatrophobia – fear of doctors

47. Icththyophobia – fear of fish

48. Toxiphobia – fear of poison

49. Katsaridaphobia – fear of cockroaches

50. Lalophobia – fear of speaking

51. Lepidopterophobia – fear of butterflies

52. Methyphobia or potophobia- fear of alcohol

53. Monophobia – fear of being alone

54. Germophobia – fear of germs

55. Noctiphobia or Nyctophobia – fear of night

56. Ophidiophobia – fear of snakes

57. Pediophobia – fear of dolls

58. Thanatophobia – fear of death

59. Theophobia – fear of god

60. Thermophobia – fear of heat

61. Trypophobia – fear of holes.

According to research, there are 19 million people in America who have a phobia. Due to this, they can not live their life happily.

Plz guy, if you have any phobia do not feel guilty. Fear is a common thing and eternal truth. Even it is a part of life. I have acrophobia, claustrophobia, gamophobia.

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