Wealthiest Health | Importance of Health

Today, I’m going to talk to you about health. Health is a core matter of Our life. It’s closely related to our life. Without a healthy body, we can not live our life happily and comfortably. In this time, have a healthy life is not less than a blessing. Health is Wealth – this term we got to listen to many times. So let’s talk about wealth health.

Wealthiest Health | Importance of Health

Wealthy health means prosperous health. Here, wealth is not about money. but Wealth means a healthy body and mind. A person who has lots of money but has diabetes, blood pressure, heart problem, etc the life is a waste. He can not enjoy his life. Only a healthy body does not matter, a healthy mind is too important. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. If we every time stay in depression how can we take day-to-day decisions in our life? How can we balance our work life and family life? And sometimes medicine harms our body.  So we should maintain a balance between the health of our mind and body.  For a healthy mind, we should do meditation, adopt a positive approach towards life, positive thinking, control anger, etc. For a healthy body, regularly we should do jogging, normal exercise, eating fresh veggies and fruits and also freshly cooked meal instead of frizzed. I’m not saying to never eat pizza – burgers but eat fast food at a limit, not on daily basis. Our body needs all types of tastes – sour, spicy, sweet, bitter, etc. To maintain stamina, there’s only one thing is that drinking lots of water. A flower needs sunlight to blossom so we should go outside for a while to provide enough sunlight to our bodies. Try to avoid Going to Gym for exercise. Do exercise at home as yourself.

A healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

– Vishakha Mothiya

Nature is the best medicine so spent some time with the natural environment. Use Minimum air conditioner if possible, due to it our skin got black. Stay away from a smartphone using for a while. Whenever you are using a smartphone, decrease its brightness as it is harmful to the eyes. Do extracurricular activities as per tour hobbies like – reading books, cooking, painting, planting, etc. Keep your mind busy in some activities so that unnecessary negative thoughts can not come into your mind. Try to avoid unnecessary tension it harmfully affects our body and our skin got wrinkled in the early phase of our life. Eat more fruits for glowing skin as it is rich with enough iron, protein, vitamins that your body needed so that you don’t need to use any fair cream to glowing up your skin. Maintain cleanliness at your home and around. Dirtiness creates some flues and diseases like typhoid, malaria, and so on.

Ok. Fine, so this was my health talkies. In a nutshell, health is matters in our life. If we do have not enough health we can not enjoy our life even money, wealth, prosperity, etc. So if you wanna enjoy your wealth, you need to maintain your health. Health is true wealth, not wealth is health.

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