Famous Mountains in the world| Popular Mountains of the world

Here, I’m going to present to you the world’s famous mountains in this blog. Mountains are nature’s best & giant beauty. Mountains are not about only rocks, valleys but also about natural elements like – greenery, waterfalls, flowers, snow even volcano sometimes. Sometimes, it seems like Mountains talking to clouds. There are so many mountains in the world known for their natural beauty. So let’s know the names of the world’s beautiful mountains.

Famous Mountains in the world | Popular Mountains of the world

List of mountains are as follows :

  1. Mt. Everest – Himalayas, Nepal, China
  2. Mt. Fuji – Honshu Island, Japan
  3. Mt. Kilimanjaro – Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania
  4. Mt. K2 – Karakoram Range, Pakistan / China
  5. Mt. Denali – Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, US
  6. Mt. Blanc – Alps, Italy / France
  7. Mt. Kirkjufell – Grundurfjöròur Island
  8. Mt. Fitzroy – Patagonia, Argentina / Chile
  9. Mt. Annapurna – Himalayas, Nepal
  10. Mt. Olympus – Olympus Range, Greece
  11. Mt. Hua – Five Great Mountains, China
  12. Mt. Cook/Auroki – Southern Alps, New Zealand
  13. Mt. Elbrus – Caucasus Mountains, Russia
  14. Mt. Popocatepetl – Puebla / Morelos, Mexico
  15. Mt. Matterhorn – the Alps, Switzerland, and Italy
  16. Mt. EI Capitan – Yosemite National Park, California, USA
  17. Mt. Grand Teton – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA
  18. Mt. Licancabur – the Andes, Chile / Bolivia
  19. Mt. Tre Cime Di Laverado – Alps, Italy
  20. Mt. Ben Nevis – Scotland, UK (click here – https://bennevis.co.uk/)
  21. Mt. Rainier – Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, USA
  22. Mt. Table Mountain – Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town, South

So these all were the world’s popular mountains.

Click here to watch the video on World’s famous Mountains along with its name & country :-

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