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Karma : Result of our Action | Karma Talking

Many times, I heard about Karma is that karma is bitch, karma is gangsta, etc. Everyone has different aspects regarding Karma. People consider it as per their mentality & thinking.

Karma: Result of our Action | Karma Talking

Karma is a result of our actions. It gives clear and accurate results as per our action (work). If we committed any mistake unknowingly, we only get lessons to not repeat. But if we do anything with bad intention even with the intention of revenge & consider it as a mistake; then we get punishment. Duration of punishment & lesson depends upon the length of our action. If we did bad things for a long time, then we are also punished for a long time. Intention does much more matter in the action of karma. If we did good karma but with over pride intention, then we don’t get enough fruits what supposed to get. Karma is like a Mirror. It is also a cyclical process. But one thing is that we could not escape from it. Every time we have to commit our role (karma) by being alert. We have to do this or that type of work. It depends on us how we perform? By which way do we do it? Whatever we got by our karma, accept it genuinely. We should satisfy with what we got. Not all time, karma is about punishment, sometimes it is for diverting us in the right direction or protecting against danger. It may be painful for a little while but finally, it’s for our protection.

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