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Snakes and Ladders : Childhood Game | सापसीढ़ी के बारे मे

Today, I’m going to post a blog on our childhood game “snakes and ladders” in Hindi. We all played this game in our childhood. There are snakes and ladders in this. But do you know, what’s the important message given by this game?? When was found?? Which message is given by Snakes and ladders?? What’s the importance of it?? How it connected with our life. So let’s know about it and lost in our childhood times for a while as we are talking about our childhood game.

Snakes and Ladders : Childhood Game | सापसीढ़ी के बारे मे

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Manneken Pis | Peeing Boy of Brussels

Today, I’m going to post my article on “Manneken Pis boy” which was published in competition. This travel blog is about a landmark in Brussels. This statue is popular around the world which became the destination of tourists worldwide. To read the article click on the link and don’t forget to give a response and comment. And also share this.

Manneken Pis | Peeing Boy of Brussels

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મહામૃત્યુંજય મંત્રની કથા | About Mahamrityunjay Mantra

Today, I’m going to post my article on the mythological story of “Mahamritunjay Mantra” which has been published in Tatvamasi E-magazine, Sathamba Library, Ahmedabad. I have been written this story based on the one of TV serial Episode. So this story would little different from original. In this story, the God of justice – Shri Shanidev is also involved in this story. So let’s know about this story.

મહામૃત્યુંજય મંત્રની કથા | About Mahamritunjay Mantra

My Article Is mentioned in page no 31.

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