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Manneken Pis | Peeing Boy of Brussels

Today, I’m going to post my article on “Manneken Pis boy” which was published in competition. This travel blog is about a landmark in Brussels. This statue is popular around the world which became the destination of tourists worldwide. To read the article click on the link and don’t forget to give a response and comment. And also share this.

Manneken Pis | Peeing Boy of Brussels

Click on the below-mentioned link 👇👇 to read

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Ashok chakra | About Ashok chakra

Today, I’m going to post you an article on Ashokchakra which was published in Reflections live. I wrote about the message given by ashokchakra’s 24 arrows along with its importance, history, and so on.

Ashok chakra | About Ashok Chakra

My article on Ashokchakra in Reflections live…

Click on the below mentioned link :-

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